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Gold jewelers are also not known to give a good buy-back rate compared to bullion traders. Bullion traders sell gold coins closest to the live gold rate or the MCX gold rate with markup charges between 200 to 700 rupees. As jewelers, they not just buy it back but are also believed to give better buyback rates.

Release Pledged Gold

We here at Hindustan Gold Company stand by our promise of almost instant cash-in-hand for your precious gold/silver. Our quick and easy paper work has no hidden complicated questions, combined with our `on-hand’ specialists for instant valuations, means that the procedure takes less time comparatively to our competitors.

Instant Cash-In-Hand

It’s a common practice in India where people pledge gold jewelry to the banks, pawn shops or financiers to arrange the funds for setting up new business, fund for arranging urgent medical bills, because its a simple and fast process to get the loan on golds without much documents. It may be a good idea to pledge the gold and take a small loan against jewellery but not a wise deal to take a big loan against gold.

Sell Gold

When it comes to Selling jewellery, Hindustan Gold Company are one of the market leaders and pioneers with the concept of selling jewellery for Immediate Cash, in a secure professional upmarket environment. Hindustan Gold Company will be privileged to assess the value of your Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewellery, Diamonds, Gold Coins & Silverware. Hindustan Gold Company will give you top prices and are the best jewellery buyers in the secondary market.

Check your Gold Purity in German Technology

Now 17 Years later the Hindustan Gold Company competitive edge and unmistakable trademark is and always will be, their highest standard of integrity coupled with a trading style that is unparalleled countrywide. Inevitably Hindustan Gold Company have been constantly ‘copied by many but matched by no-one’. Today this motto is the Hindustan Gold Company promise as you will not find another trading company who will take care of your needs like Hindustan Gold Company does in a friendly secure atmosphere of style, discretion, elegance and professionalism.

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Sell Gold at best price

When it comes to selling jewellery, Hindustan Gold Company are the one of the market leaders and pioneers with the concept of selling jewellery for Immediate Cash, in a secure professional up market environment.

Buy Gold

We test and weigh your gold in plain view so that you can see what you are being paid for. Expect lower than advertised prices from Gold Buyers who take your gold “out the back” for testing or display outdated price per gram information.