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India’s #1 GOLD Buying Company

Hindustan Gold Company is Best Gold Buyers in India, growing with the highest number of customers across multiple branches across the Country. There are many Jewellery Buyers in and around India but trusted Gold Buyers near me are only few, One of the top gold buyer companies is Hindustan Gold Company.

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HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANY is known for serving our valued customers for more than 20 years.HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANY is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANY is the pioneer company in INDIA to introduce the concept of buying GOLD at the current online price.

Hindustan Gold Company is the trusted company for selling your Gold. Get the best price for the Gold you need to sell. We believe, Gold is asset that also has emotions. Our team members are well trained professionals to handle your emotion and provide transparency on the valuation of the Gold you desire to sell.

We have advanced Spectrometer & computerized valuation for checking GOLD purity. Our team members have experience in valuating your GOLD in-house and at your doorsteps. We provide Instant Valuation & spot cash on your Gold. We can also do a bank transfer as NEFT/IMPS, as per RBI Guidelines.

If you need us to help you release pledged Gold from Banks / Gold loan companies or pawn brokers. Call us on 80885 50033 or visit us at our nearest branches. Click here to view branches

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HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANYis proud to be called as best JEWELLERY BUYERS Company in INDIA. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified Gold Buyer company and have stringent and uniform processes across all the branches in INDIA. Our service gives every customer the feeling of satisfaction after interaction with our team. Our team members are committed to you and would ensure you get the BEST PRICE for the GOLD you want to sell.

We treat our customers with dignity and that makes us SPECIAL. Our reviews speak most of our services. We buy GOLD of smaller to larger weight and ensure the payment is made by CASH ON SPOT. Customers here feel the best place for the emotional connection that our team provides them. We understand GOLD is not just a valuable asset but also your hard-earned asset.


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We are Trusted Gold Buyers

HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANY is a trusted gold buyers in Bangalore for the best price for your gold. We buy gold and gold-related items in any form. If you are looking to sell, convert gold to cash, or even want to release a pledge gold loan for spot cash. Our team ensures you get the best price in the market that none can match. No other JEWELLERY buyers can meet the gold price that we can offer you.

Our branches are open for you all 365 days and would be happy to help you release the pledged gold from Bank/Pawn Brokers/Private Banks. You could visit any nearest Branches of HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANY to experience the service our team delivers experience from evaluating the GOLD to selling the GOLD. To SELL GOLD we are determined to have Transparency in every step and ensures the customer is assured of the right value they can expect from any jewellery buyers.

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HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANY has been serving our valuable customer more than 20 years. HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANY is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANY is first company in INDIA to introduce the concept of buying gold with present online price.

Hindustan Gold Company is the trusted company for selling your Gold. Get the best price for the Gold you need to sell. We believe, Gold is not only asset, it also has emotions. Our Team is well trained to provide you the transparency on the valuation for the Gold you desire to sell. We have advanced Spectrometers & computerized valuation for gold testing both in-house and out over to your house. We provide Instant Valuation & spot cash on your Gold. We can also do bank transfer.








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Why Hindustan Gold Company

  • Trusted Brand
  • Honesty and transparent on valuation
    • Gold Purity Checking Method
    • Visibility on weight
    • Sell Gold as Online price
  • Best price for gold

Valuate Your Asset Worth

  • When it comes to selling jewellery, Hindustan Gold Company are the one of the market leaders and pioneers with the concept of buying jewellery against instant Cash, in a secure professional environment.

    We at HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANY use modern and reliable technologies to check the purity of gold. We ensure your Gold is valuated without any hidden cost. This is the only place to give you the Worth PRICE for the Valuable Gold you own.
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HINDUSTAN GOLD COMPANY has millions of happy customers. Read what some of our customers say about us.

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  • Hindustan Gold Company provides us with the most excellent working environment for individuals who all set on a promising career path with us. Hindustan Gold Company has emerged as one of the most sought-after employers in India in a Gold Trade Business.
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1. Where to Release your Pledged Gold?

Hindustan Gold Company will help you to Release Pledged Gold and Sell at the current selling price of the Gold based on the purity of the Gold.

2. How much do Gold buyers pay per gram?

We give the current market value or spot price if you're selling gold.

3. Which are best Gold buyers in Bangalore?

Hindustan Gold Company is the trusted Gold Buyers in Bangalore. We are the One and Only Reputed Company buying gold with a completely transparent process.

4. Which is the best Gold buyer in Vijayawada?

Hindustan Gold Company purchases Gold at the current online price and give cash immediately.

5. Where we will get Instant Cash for your Gold?

Hindustan Gold Company provides our customers with the Instant Cash for Gold Jewellery or Gold Coins or Gold Bars they are selling to us.


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    • Brand that is trusted
    • Ease to Earn
    • Complete Infrastructure guidance