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Best Place to Sell your Gold at Market Price

Sell your Gold at the current market price only at Hindustan Gold Company. There are several factors to be considered when selling your gold such as purity check, current selling price and instant payment. The Hindustan Gold Company has put appropriate technology tools in place so that consumers can obtain all of the estimation's data in full transparency.

Cash for gold in bangalore

Gold provides you Good Return On The Investment.

  • Gold is an asset that increases in value and offers you a good return on your investment.
  • A hedge against inflation is an asset like gold.
  • Gold has always been more valuable as bullion than money.
  • Gold consistently offers a Secured Return on Investment.

Gold Market for the past 10 years

In India, the gold market has also had a positive trend over the past 10 years. From 2013 to 2020, the price of gold in India has fluctuated, but overall has trended upward. The price of gold reached a peak in August 2020 around Rs. 57,000 per 10 grams before experiencing a slight drop. In India, gold is considered an important investment option and a store of value. The demand for gold in India is also driven by cultural and traditional factors, such as weddings and festivals.

24 Karat Gold Vs 22 Karat Gold

In India, the most common forms of gold are 22 Karat and 24 Karat. 24 Karat gold is the purest form of gold, containing 99.99% gold. It is soft and malleable and is often used to make jewellery.

22 Karat gold, on the other hand, is 91.6% pure gold and is alloyed with other metals such as copper, zinc, and silver to make it harder and more durable. This is the standard gold used for making jewellery in India and it is considered a good balance of purity and durability.

The price of 24 Karat gold is generally higher than 22 Karat gold due to its higher purity. However, 22 Karat gold is more suitable for making jewellery as it is more durable and resistant to scratches and dents. In terms of investment, 24 Karat gold is a better option as it has a higher purity and value.

Disadvantages of Pledging the Gold

Pledging gold can be a good option if you need cash but want to keep your gold assets. Pledging gold to a bank or financial institution is a way to borrow money using your gold as collateral. The lender will hold the gold as security for the loan and return it to you once you have repaid the loan.

It is important to note that when you pledge gold, you will only receive a percentage of the value of your gold as loan and the interest rate can be higher than other types of loans. Also, if you default on the loan, the bank/pawn broker may sell the pledged gold to recover the loan amount.

Hindustan Gold Company will be buying your gold in the exact market price of the gold. We have been in the industry for several years and have supported several customers.

Sell Gold Only with Hindustan Gold Company at the current Market Price of the Gold.

If you do not have any financial obligations and you are just selling the gold for profits to make more money, Here are the points to be considered,

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to when to sell your gold, as the timing will depend on your personal financial situation and goals. However, here are a few factors to consider when deciding when to sell your gold.

Market Conditions: If you believe that the price of gold is likely to decrease soon, it may be a good time to sell your gold. However, it is important to keep in mind that the price of gold can be volatile and subject to change, so selling the gold when the selling price is higher than the purchase price of the gold is important.

Financial Needs: If you have a specific financial need such as paying off debt or covering an unexpected expense, selling your gold can be a good way to access the cash you need.

Diversification: If you have a significant portion of your investments in gold, it may be a good idea to sell some of your gold to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk.

At Hindustan Gold, We follow a very transparent and precise process in estimating the total value of the gold you are selling to Hindustan Gold Company. You can sell your Old Gold, Used Gold, Old Gold Pieces of the Jewellery or Gold Ornaments.

We, At Hindustan Gold Company provide the Instant Cash for the Customers who will sell their gold to us. You can also sell the diamonds and old used gold to Hindustan Gold Company. Hindustan Gold Company has branches across Karnataka, Kerala, Andra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu.

Bring in gold and go with cash in hand right away, at Hindustan Gold Company.

Gold has been used as a store of value for thousands of years and is considered a safe-haven asset. It tends to maintain its value over time, which makes it a good option for long-term savings. Gold is easy to buy and sell, which makes it a liquid asset that can be easily converted into cash.

Walk into any of our store to check your gold purity completely for free. 100% transparent and precise process in selling the gold along with gold estimation.

The Valuations of the Gold at Hindustan Gold Company is done instantly with our Technological machines with provides you the estimations of the gold in minutes. We, At Hindustan Gold company also assist you to sell the pledged gold

We are a Trusted and Reputed company in the Market supporting several customers to sell their Gold. Gold is always a Tangible asset which can be sold at the better selling price as the gold prices are always bullion and less risky.

Sell your Gold at the Current Market Price only at Hindustan Gold Company.