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Buy Gold Online Only at Hindustan Gold Company.

Hindustan Gold Company is the one stop solution for “Buy Gold” or “Buy Gold Online”, we are reputed organization having the stores at different locations of India and having served several customers globally. We, At Hindustan Gold Company we sell the gold at current selling price and having less wastage costs.

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Buy Gold Online is the mostly searched and vital for many working and business people who doesn’t have time to reach the physical shop and buy the gold. Checkout the current selling price of the gold and buy the gold from the trusted seller like Hindustan Gold Company.

We are located across different states of India and We have our business for a number of years. There are certain factors to be considered before buying the gold such as 24 Karat or 22 Karat or Hallmarked Gold Etc.

If you are buying gold for your family or loved ones, It is better to choose the Gold Jewellery. If you are trading gold, Always buy Gold Bars. Gold Bars are having the better return on investment when you are selling the Gold.

If you are gifting someone, It is always better to gift them the gold bar or gold coins. Coins in Gold has less wastage and making costs compared to the Gold Jewellery.

Decorative Gold Jewellery is always the best gifts for your loved ones. Gold is always having the higher return on investment, and it is an appreciating asset for several centuries. Gold is always considered to be the stable return on the investment compared to any other fluctuating investments.

Liquidity of the Gold is also quite easier, and the gold can be encashed very easily. Gold has always been a saviour to support several Indian families in the toughest emergency situations.

Buy Gold Online at Hindustan Gold Company, We sell Gold Coins, Bars, Jewellery. We offer the authentic HGC Gold Bars with weight of 1 gram, 5 grams, 10 grams, 25 grams, 50 grams and up to 500 grams. You can also purchase 22 Karat and 24 Karat of Gold at Hindustan Gold Company.

Here are the checklists you need to consider before buying the gold,

  • 24 Karat is the purest form of the gold, and 22 Karat Gold is used in making the Gold Jewellery which has Zinc or Silver to mould the Jewellery.
  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) ensures that the Gold Coin you buy is pure.
  • BIS Logo in the Gold Coin.

Buy Gold Jewellery only at Hindustan Gold Company having more than 3000 Plus designs. We also dispatch the Gold Orders across different International Countries. Payments are accepted through Online Banking/NEFT Payment. Once we receive the payment for the Selected Order from you, We would be dispatching the order.

For the Indian Customers ordering the Gold Jewellery Online from Hindustan gold company, Your Product will be delivered within 1 week of time. For the International customers the order will be delivered within 3 to 4 weeks of time.

We, at Hindustan gold company have different kinds of products from Rings, Earrings, Necklace, Pendant, Nose pin, Bangle, Bracelet, accessories and more.

Are you gifting for Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Baby Birth, Valentine, Festive Gift, Diwali, Anniversary? Buy Gold Online and Gift your Loved ones.

We are a Trusted Gold Jewellers in India with 100% BIS Hallmarked Jewellery. Buy Gold from our fabulous range of collection of jewellery only from HGC.

If you are buying gold to seek the profits, Buy Gold Bars only at Hindustan Gold Jewellery. Buy 24 Karat Gold which is certified only from HGC.

Why Should you buy/invest in Gold?

  • Gold is respected globally as a very important commodity.
  • Gold can diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Gold is less risk investment.
  • Gold has been appreciating in its value for the past number of years.
  • Gold can be liquidated during any emergency purposes.

Why Physical Gold is always safe compared to digital gold?

  • Physical Gold is always safe and considered to have better value and security compared to the digital gold.
  • You can know the actual selling cost of the physical gold and you don’t need to depend on any computational parameter as digital gold.
  • You can sell the physical gold to several gold stores or vendors or even pawn brokers, but the digital gold cannot be sold elsewhere.

Save the Future of your Family and Children only with the Risk-Free Gold Investment. Physical Gold is a Tangible asset. You can never go bankrupt with Gold Investment.

Gold has the significance in the society and the gold is the important asset having better liquidity options. Gold Value has been significantly increased for the last 10 years. The Gold value has increased over the inflation level making gold the wisest investment one can consider.

Buy Gold Jewellery Smartly

  • Purity of the Gold is to check the Hallmark symbol on the gold.
  • Check the current gold rate in your city.
  • Check the making charges and the wastage charges in the gold.
  • Check the buyback costing when you are investing your money on gold.
  • 22 Karat or 24 Karat of Gold.

Which Gold Investments provides you the better return of investment and why?

Gold Bars are the safest investment. Gold Bars are made with 24 Karat of Gold. Buying Physical gold and in the form of gold bars are the best investment which gives you the better return on the investment with less or no making charges. Gold Bars has usually 99.5% of the Gold and are always considered as bullion. 18K, 14K, 10K, 750, 585, and 375 Hallmarks denote the gold's purity. KDM Gold has only 92% of the Gold Value where the Hallmark Gold has 99.5% of the Gold Value. When buying the gold always know the buying cost of the gold. Any purchase of the gold should have less making or manufacture costing which would help you to get better returns when selling the gold. Buy Gold today from Hindustan Gold Company.