Gold Loan

• Lowest interest rate of 0.45% per month

• Loan amount of INR 50,000 to 1.5Cr

• Quick loan disbursal

• Minimum documentation

• Safe custody of gold ornaments

Loan against FD

• Lowest interest rate of 2% per annum

• Eligiblity - Existing FD with SGKSCCL

• Loan of upto 90% of face value

• Flixible replayment plan

• Minimum documentation & zero charges

Mortage Loan

• Interest rate of 18% per annum

• Minimum loan of 10 Lakh

• Maximum loan based on property value

• Salaried employees/ Professionals/ Self-employed

• Repayment plan upto 10 years

GOLD LOAN (Presenting INDIA’S First and Only 0.45% per Month (5.3% Yearly) Lowest Interest Gold Loan.)

With SGKSCCL it takes no more than few minutes for your Gold to generate cash.

• Quick loan disbursed.

• Minimum loan amount of Rs 50,000.00 with maximum of Rs 1.5 Crore

• Minimal documentation.

• Safe custody for gold ornaments.

Sri Gopala Krishna Souhardha Credit Co-operative Limited a Unit by Hindustan Gold Company offers INDIA’s First and Only gold loans at a lowest interest rate starting at 5.3% Yearly (Less than 0.45% per Month). It is a quick & Easy financing solution to fulfil your immediate fund requirements. Anyone with gold items and the required set of documents is eligible to apply for SGKSCCL Gold Loan. Read further to know more about SGKSCCL Gold Loan interest rate, loan amount, eligibility, documentation and other terms and conditions.

Key Highlights of HGC Gold Loan

• Gold Loan Interest Rate

5.3 % p.a. (Less than 0.45% per Month)

• Loan Amount

Minimum – Rs. 50,000; Maximum – 1.5 Crore

• Loan Tenure

365 Days

• Collateral/Security

Any gold item of 10 gm and above with a purity of 18Kt and above

• Processing Fee

0.5% to 1% of the loan amount

Points to Note:

• Interest is charged on Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly basis.

• All the Gold Loan Schemes comes under Bullet Repayment Option.

• Loan tenure of all our schemes is 365 days.

Eligibility Criteria

• Age

Minimum 18 years

• Nationality

Resident Indian

• Occupation

Salaried, Self-Employed, Businessman, Students, Pensioners, Housewives etc.

• Purity of Eligible gold

18 Karat to 22 Karat gold

Documents Required

Only basic KYC documents for address proof and identity proof required. The SGKSCCL doesn’t require you to submit your income proof or doesn’t check your CIBIL score for approving a gold loan.

• Proof of Identity

PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Voter’s ID Card, Passport, Driving Licence or any other government approved photo ID

• Proof of Address

Aadhaar Card, Passport, Utility bills (not more than 3 months old) or any other government approved address proof

Fees and Charges for Gold Loan

Processing fees: SGKSCCL (Hindustan Gold Company) charges a low processing fees ranging from 0.5% to 1% of loan amount

Prepayment and foreclosure: SGKSCCL (Hindustan Gold Company) allows the prepayment of gold loan and typically levy prepayment or foreclosure charges

How to Apply for Gold Loan?

In order to receive funds against your Gold items with SGKSCCL (Hindustan Gold Company), you can:

• Visit any of the nearest SGKSCCL (Hindustan Gold Company) branches.

• Reach out to their customer care executives by giving a call to 8088 55 00 33


Looking for a short term loan to fund an emergency? A Loan against your existing Fixed Deposit is one of the quickest methods.

Features and Benefits

Unforeseen events and emergencies warrant immediate cash flow, which is why some investors may consider liquidating their FD investments before maturity. However, you can tent to emergencies without breaking your FD, by taking a Loan against your existing fixed deposit. Loan against Fixed deposit is a secured loan, where you can pledge your FD as collateral, in return for the loan amount.

SGKSCCL offers easy Loan against Fixed Deposits at lower interest rates, with quick processing, flexible repayment options and minimal documentation.

Rate of Interest

2% the deposit rates.


Existing Fixed Deposit with SGKSCCL.


Pledge of Fixed Deposit Receipt.

High-value Loan (Quantum)

Maximum 90% of face / principal value of the fixed deposits.

Flexible Repayment Period

Repay your loan over flexible tenor’s upto 1 year or on right up to the remaining tenor (maturity) of the fixed deposit whichever is earlier.

Minimal Documentation, Quick Processing & Zero Extra Charges.


• Rate of Interest - Loan Against Property

• 18% Yearly.

• Minimum loan amount 10,00,000/-.

• Maximum upto the Property Value.


• To cover expenditure towards Medical / Education / Marriage / Travel /Legal etc.

• Purchase / Construction of residence.

• Renovation / Repair.

• Repayments of Existing loans.

• Business Purpose.

• Any other reasonable purpose.


• Salaried employees/ Professionals/ Self-employed.

• Loans can be applied by Individuals either solely or jointly.

• Total deduction including deductions of LAP (installment & interest) to be meet from firm/company’s net cash accruals.


• 60% of the value of the property to be mortgaged (relaxation at the bank's discretion)

Repayment Period

• Upto 10 years (may be relaxed up to 15 years at the discretion of the bank)


• Mortgage of the property. The property to be mortgaged should be in the name of the applicant or his/her spouse or close relative as per Section 6 of the Companies Act 1956 or persons representing relationship such as Firm / Proprietor, Partnership / Partners, Company / Directors. The person / entity in whose name the property to be mortgaged to either co-borrower or guarantor.

• One Surety required.

Documents Required


Aadhar Card / Driving license / Passport / PAN card/ Election card/Job card issued by Govt. agencies


Aadhar Card / Driving license / Passport/ Election card / Job card issued by Govt. agencies


Form 16A, Latest Salary Slip for 3 months, Salary bank account statement of last 1 year


Last 3 years Balance Sheets/Income Tax Returns and Salary/Business bank account statement of last 1 year

• Title search and Valuation Report of Property to be purchased

• Security/Mortgage documents as applicable