Accounts (SGKSCCL)

Savings Bank Account

Savings Bank Account: A savings account is a long-term, fundamental money management tool that can help one meet numerous financial needs. It also means, delegating your money in an arena that is not under any individual’s absolute control, since it is being held by a co-operative or credit union. Along with us our co-operative, you can also earn a handsome rate of interest @ 3% per annum.

Who can open the Account?

A member of our cooperative may open an account. (Above 18 years of age)


• Easy to open an account with a small amount.

• Easy to deposit and withdraw money.

• Passbook is provided to each member, hence recording all transactions.

• 3% per annum interest

• Minimum balance of INR 300 to be maintained

• Minimum withdrawl/deposit of INR 100


• Passport size photos (3 nos.)

• Copies of Aadhaar/Pan/Voter ID/Passport or any other document containing the photo of the applicant.

• Application form with specimen signature card


Pigmy Deposit Scheme is a monetary deposit scheme where money can be deposited into an account on daily basis. The amount may be as small as Rupees Hundred. It can be called a recurring deposit scheme, as the money is deposited almost daily. The minimum term of this account is 1 years and the rate of interest is 5%.

Daily collection Deposit Scheme, this scheme will develop the saving habit of customers and will enable them to deposit money on daily basis from their home or business place itself to fulfil their future financial requirements.

The minimum amount which can be deposited is Rs. 100/-per day and maximum is upto Rs. 200000/- per day and in multiple of 10.

Loan facility is available after 3 months.